Lead the Business of Happiness

As a StarHub Management Associate, you’ll be groomed to lead what some people consider a mere technology company, but is in fact, the business of happiness.

Working with passionate innovators, you’ll be tasked to do the seemingly impossible – continuously evolve the brand experience to keep millions of customers engaged and happy.

It’s a challenge that calls for a unique brand of individual, and a calling that rewards its chosen few with opportunities limited only by one’s imagination.

What’s in store for you.
  1. Valuable Experiences
    • Structured on-the-job learning
    • Job rotation
    • Community work
  2. Unparalleled Exposure
    • Continuous coaching
    • Regular evaluations
    • Networking opportunities both within and outside the company
  3. Continuous Education
    • Formal training opportunities
    • Dialogue sessions with senior management

Here’s how you can build your passion with us.

Imagine beyond with Products

You make a valuable difference to the way people interact, work and play. With dynamic and exciting changes taking place in media & technology, you are empowered to innovate, conceptualise, develop and deliver products & services that shape the market and revolutionise customer lifestyle needs.  From product development, product pricing & business analysis to product marketing, there is no shortage of exciting learning opportunities for you to immerse in the fields of smart connectivity, seamless mobility and top-notch entertainment.  Be at the forefront of innovation and join hands with fellow brilliant minds to deliver our unique brand of happiness.

Help our customers grow with Enterprise Business

You grow our business by helping our customers grow theirs.

We take pride in our ability to identify their business challenges and develop customer-centric solutions to meet their objectives. With an acute sense of business acumen and a keen ear for market/industry trends, we create strong value propositions to aid their growth journey. By understanding and addressing the need for efficiency, affordability and convenience, we strive to bring the best integrated solutions to help our enterprise customers build smart businesses.

For we know that when our customers succeed, we succeed too.

Ready to make millions smile?

Look out for our next round of recruitment starting in February 2019.